Commvault Connections is a best-in-class global virtual event experience with multiple regional broadcasts rolling out on November 2nd or 3rd (based on your region). It provides IT leaders with the insights and best practices they need to Innovate with Confidence today and tomorrow.

A truly global event, Commvault Connections include keynotes, a customer panel, and technical sessions with experts and partners to help attendees accelerate their business transformations and go on the offense to halt ransomware attacks and other threats.

Following Connections, Commvault will host a series of Connections Live roadshows in major cities around the world to enable IT professionals to discuss intelligent data services with local Commvault technologists, partners, and industry experts.

Solution Tracks 

We will host three solution tracks with three sessions each. These include: 

Data Management

When your business dreams it, you need to deliver. Take charge by embracing a modern data management strategy that intelligently scales fast, supports new workloads, and enables you to use your data in creative ways.

Fending Off
Ransomware Attacks 

While they may be inevitable, breaches, leaks, and losses don’t have to be disasters. Get on the offense with our proactive and responsive data protection capabilities that keep your data safe and your company out of the headlines. 


Innovation may be priceless, but budgets aren’t endless. We can help you find the right balance gaining value from your data while managing your costs to protect it on your journey to the cloud. 

Frequently Asked Question

Commvault Connections is a best-in-class global virtual event experience to help organizations Innovate with Confidence by accelerating their business transformations and going on the offense with a comprehensive plan for ransomware and other threats.

It is hard to be confident when being pulled in every direction. To accelerate your business transformation, you need to modernize your environment and embrace the cloud. Yet, you must also contain costs and do whatever it takes to fend off an inevitable ransomware attack. This takes a toll on you and your team. At Connections, we’ll explore how a modern cloud data management strategy will help you overcome these challenges to confidently control your costs, retain your talent, stay secure, and drive innovation within your organization and business for the future.

Connections is for data-minded CIOs, IT, and security professionals who are searching for innovative ways to transform their business for the future while wrestling with today’s IT complexity, new security threats, and other resource concerns. There's no travel needed. Just click a link and experts, cloud providers, and your peers will share insights and best practices with you.

Your business runs on data and relies on you to provide a competitive edge. At Connections, we will share insights and best practices you need to Innovate with Confidence to accelerate your business transformation, go on the offense to fend off ransomware, and interact and share best practices with your peers, partners, and Commvault experts.

The hashtag for the event is #CVConnections22, that is the best way to check out and engage with the conversation online.  Across our Commvault Social Media Channels, we will be sharing all the build-up and special announcements, including highlighting our amazing sponsors and customer speakers.   
During the event, we would love for you to share your experiences, highlights, and key learnings.  Please tag @Commvault and #CVConnections22 so we can engage.

The virtual event will be held in the Americas on November 2nd and in EMEA and APJ on November 3rd. In addition to attending the keynotes, sessions, and demos, attendees can watch demos and engage with peers and participants through our interactive virtual platform.

You can hear from and engage with industry leaders, customers, partners, and Commvault’s CEO and technical experts.

Read the full agenda here. We will share our Innovation Roadmap and offer three concurrent sessions on Modernizing Data Management, Fending Off Ransomware Attacks, and Investing Wisely.

Connections will broadcast virtually via our engagement platform and feature keynotes, breakout sessions, product demonstrations, and networking activities. Register here.

Thank you for attending one of our Road Shows – we hope you enjoyed it. Yes, you should join us for Connections – it will have more speakers, new technical content, and a unique virtual experience. Register here.

Yes. In addition to the upcoming Connections Road Shows, Commvault and its partners will host a wide variety of webinars and events for you to engage with Commvault technologists, partners, and industry experts. Click here to learn more about our upcoming events and subscribe to our newsletter.

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