Our inaugural Customer Innovation Awards will showcase cutting-edge use of cloud data management and winners will be announced throughout the program.

Keynote: Innovate with Confidence

11:00 AM EDT

Customers Panel

11:20 AM EDT 

Partner Solutions Sessions


12:30 PM EDT 

Commvault’s Innovation Roadmap 

1:00 PM EDT

Solution Tracks 

Fending Off Ransomware (3 sessions) 
Modernizing Data Management (3 sessions) 
Investing Wisely  (3 sessions) 

1:30 PM EDT

Virtual Exhibit Booths and DemoZone! 

2:15 PM EDT 

Keynote: Innovate with Confidence

9:00 AM GMT 

Customers Panel

9:20 AM GMT 

Partner Solutions Sessions


10:30 AM GMT 

Commvault’s Innovation Roadmap 

11:00 AM GMT

Solution Tracks 

Fending Off Ransomware (3 sessions) 
Modernizing Data Management (3 sessions) 
Investing Wisely  (3 sessions) 

11:30 AM GMT

Virtual Exhibit Booths and DemoZone! 

12:15 PM GMT 

Keynote: Innovate with Confidence

11:30 AM SGT 

Customers Panel

11:50 AM SGT 

Partner Solutions Sessions


1:00 PM SGT 

Commvault’s Innovation Roadmap 

1:30 PM SGT

Solution Tracks 

Fending Off Ransomware (3 sessions) 
Modernizing Data Management (3 sessions) 
Investing Wisely  (3 sessions) 

2:00 PM SGT

Virtual Exhibit Booths and DemoZone! 

2:45 PM SGT 



Sanjay Mirchandani
President & CEO, Commvault 

The days of clamoring for a seat at the table are over. It’s yours. Now, you just need to clear the complexity, fend off incoming threats, and do more with less to innovate for the future. It’s no small feat. In this session, CEO Sanjay Mirchandani will explore how simplifying your environment, going on the offensive, and embracing cloud data management will give you the confidence to do just that. 

Customers Panel

The world’s most dynamic organizations have learned how to transform their data into a powerful growth engine – revealing new product opportunities, closer connections to customers, and often a network effect of insights. But how do IT leaders effectively partner with the business to drive innovation while managing their teams, create new processes, and elegantly scale across infrastructures and clouds? Join us in a dynamic discussion on how these IT leaders have cracked the code to best support their businesses while effectively protecting, managing, and securing their data. 

Partner Sessions

Saurabh Sensharma
Sr. Product Manager, Azure Storage, Microsoft

Businesses use multiple applications running their day-to-day operations, with every minute of downtime negatively impacting customer trust. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans ensure that services can continue to operate during maintenance, failure, and large-scale outages. Join this session to learn about Azure and Commvault solutions integrated with and built on Azure that help customers protect their critical assets, including VMs, databases, PaaS and SaaS services (like M365), and much more. Check out the latest product releases, customer examples, product experience, and much more.

Joe Corvaia
GVP, NACT ISV, MGS and MSP Sales, Oracle

Alan Atkinson
Chief Partner Officer, Commvault

Multi-cloud environments bring customers options, efficiency, and price performance. They also increase complexity and the potential for security breaches. Discover how cloud infrastructure hyperscaler Oracle is optimized for the expanding multi-cloud universe – and how they are working with partners like Commvault to provide ransomware and security solutions for enterprise customers.


Ranga Rajagopalan
SVP, Products & Product Mgmt., Commvault

In this roadmap session, we invite you to learn about the future of our Intelligent Data Services across our enterprise software, integrated solution, and Metallic SaaS offerings. Find out how Commvault plans to address the top data management challenges we hear about from our customers – including multi-cloud resilience, security, and automation – and let us know what you think. Join us and take advantage of this opportunity to influence our strategic direction!

Fending Off Ransomware

Carol Clark
VP, Product & Solutions Mktg., Commvault

Don Foster
VP, Global Productivity & Evangelism Enablement, Commvault

Reducing the risk of ransomware is challenging but embracing a Zero Loss Strategy is essential to reduce the impact of an attack. Beyond simply adhering to zero trust principles and hoping for the best, the ultimate solution can reduce costs for your organization by utilizing one centralized management platform to gain end-to-end data visibility, protect hybrid workloads, and have the ability to rapidly recover – all through a unified approach. Join us as we discuss a Zero Loss Strategy, a new business-critical approach to fighting ransomware that will help you better plan, protect, manage, and recover your data.

Steve Preston
VP Metallic Security, Commvault

Zack Brigman
Zack Brigman, Sr. Manager, Product Mktg. & Programs, Commvault

Ransomware is evolving, and encryption isn’t always the endgame. With data leakage, exfiltration, and theft on the rise, today’s businesses need advanced capabilities to spot and contain security threats early – not just recover from them. In this session, we’ll spotlight how our modern ransomware detection service, Metallic® ThreatWise™, actively engages and surfaces unknown and zero-day threats the moment an attack begins. In addition, we’ll highlight our unique cyber-deception capabilities, the value of early warning, and how ThreatWise is redefining ransomware readiness to safeguard business data from double and triple extortion.

Moderator: Jason Webber
VP, Global Services Field SEs, Commvault

Jordan Xu
Commvault Customer Support

Blaine Williams
Commvault Customer Support

Vincent Torro
Metallic Support

Recovery, Recovery, Recovery. Are you confident that your organization will recover quickly in the event of a ransomware attack? Do your teams know their roles and responsibilities, and are you certain you have the proper resources? Join us to hear real customer recovery stories from our Commvault® Support & Services Team as they share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Learn why some recoveries went well and why others did not. Take advantage of this up close and personal interaction with the Commvault® Support & Services Team, which has helped organizations recover quickly and maintain a state of recovery readiness and steady response.

Modernizing Data Management

Michele Buschman
CIO, American Pacific Mortgage

Isabelle Guis
CMO, Commvault

No two clouds (or cloud journeys) are the same. As your organization embraces the cloud, you must still manage your critical data regardless of where it resides. Learn from a customer CIO why the right data protection solution is your ticket to effective hybrid cloud adoption – without performance issues or vendor lock-in. Alongside Commvault CMO Isabelle Guis, Michele Buschman will describe the ups and downs of cloud transformation within a large enterprise from a CIO's perspective and leave you with a five-step checklist to accelerate your own cloud journey. 

Nigel Poulton
Kubernetes author, trainer and evangelist

Mike Letschin
Sr. Director, Product & Solutions Mktg., Commvault

The adoption of Kubernetes, the open-source container orchestration tool, is the future. Many organizations have decided to deploy containers to speed up development and remain agile in this ever-changing world. With container and Kubernetes usage accelerating over the last few years, especially among large enterprises, it’s time to understand the efficiencies your organization will gain from adoption. In this session, Nigel Poulton, an industry expert on all things Kubernetes, and Commvault’s Mike Letschin discuss why Commvault is a leader in Kubernetes data protection with support for the most diverse tech stack. 

Kristin Heisner
Sr. Director, Global Partner Mtkg., Commvault

Kevin Zawodzinski
VP, Americas Field Sales Engineering

Transforming your data to keep up with the modern world is no easy task. With growing data footprints, increased risk of cyberattack, and widening skill shortages, today's businesses need solutions that protect their data and give them the flexibility to manage ongoing change. Commvault can securely accelerate digital transformation by meeting customers where they are today while helping to prepare for tomorrow. We help customers manage hybrid cloud workloads with our enterprise software or integrated appliance solutions AND manage cloud-native workloads seamlessly with our Metallic SaaS solutions – all with one unified customer experience. It’s what we call the Power of AND. Hear how Commvault customer CareSource accelerated its digital transformation journey thanks to the flexibility, breadth of coverage, and trusted security of Commvault’s unique offerings.

Investing Wisely

Vincenzo Costantino
Sr. Director, Sales Engineering, Field SEs, Commvault

Cesar Cid de Rivera
VP, Intl. Sales Engineering, Commvault

In recent years, evolving workloads and data management needs created multi-generational data sprawl, which remains a daily challenge for IT leaders. In today’s multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, this data sprawl transcends storage concerns and enters into the dangerous territory of increased corporate risk, threatened profitability, and hindered operational excellence. 

Join us to discuss Navigating Cost Optimization & Risk Mitigation in the Modern Cloud Era. Within this session, we will unpack how Commvault can help your organization be set up for success – to rein in data sprawl, reduce your corporate attack surface, and optimize cost-effectiveness. 

Jeff Crum
Sr. Director, Product & Solutions Marketing, Commvault

Vidya Shankaran
Field CTO, Commvault

More than ever before, today’s IT Professionals face increased pressure to do more with less. Shortened delivery windows, coupled with the emerging IT skills gap, intensify the juggling act of delivering on competing business priorities. Many IT leaders are looking for solutions that can deliver on critical objectives without increasing operating costs, expanding labor hours, or increasing potential risk.  

Our Embracing the Power of Automation session dives into how companies can leverage Commvault’s powerful technology suite to increase efficiencies and reduce risk through auto-tiering, automated power management, intelligent pattern recognition, and numerous other capabilities, resulting in a reduced overall IT spend. 

Shai Nuni
VP of Worldwide Sales, Advanced Cloud Technologies, Metallic

Robert Fowler
Product Manager, Commvault

As customers grapple with increasingly large volumes of data, we know it gets harder to control costs and navigate compliance risks. By 2025, 80% of the world’s data will be unstructured, making it critically important to manage information lifecycles and control storage costs. 

What if you could harness an agile cloud-delivered solution to help manage costs and risks in the face of this data explosion? We’re excited to share a brand-new Metallic service to help you do just that. Join this session to learn more about our latest SaaS offering, and how intelligent data placement can help you save money and be compliance-ready.

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